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Robotic Floor Cleaners

What kinds of floors can they clean?

Robotic floor cleaners are designed exclusively for hard surface floors. It works on most hard flooring including wood, tile, vinyl and laminate.

Are they a vacuum?

No, they are not a vacuum or a brush sweeper that can actually distribute dust on hard surface floors. Instead, they use cleaning cloths to both sweep and mop hard surface floors to keep them free of grit and grime. You can use popular disposable cleaning cloths such as Swiffer® brand, or the reusable microfiber cloths.

Where can I get the disposable cleaning cloths?

Swiffer® and other branded disposable cleaning cloths are widely available in grocery, drug, and mass merchant stores.

How do the microfiber cloths work?

Dry microfiber cloths effectively gather up dirt, dust and hair. And the specially textured cloths can be used for mopping by simply wetting with water and wringing them out. Each can be washed and re-used hundreds of times.

How much space can they clean?

When dry sweeping, the cleaner can cover up to 1,000 square feet in a single cleaning cycle. When mopping, the cleaner cleans up to 250 square feet to focus on a smaller area while the cloth is still wet.

How long can they clean?

The rechargeable battery will last up to 3 hours dry sweeping and up to 2 hours wet mopping. So you can run them in several cleaning areas on a single charge.

Will they just keep cleaning until the battery dies?

No. They clean efficiently so you can focus battery life on cleaning new areas rather than cleaning the same area over and over. When they finish the cleaning cycle, it returns to where it started and parks itself to conserve battery. So when you’re ready to clean a new area, so the is the floor cleaner.

How often should I use the floor cleaner?

It depends on how dirty your floors are, but the more frequently you use it, the happier you will be with your floors. Since dust is constantly accumulating, the cleaner always has a job to do.




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